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Real Estate Consulting Services

Headquartered in Chicago, Catapult Realty provides specialized real estate consulting services to financial institutions throughout the Midwest. Our solutions are uniquely crafted for each assignment with the goal of providing our clients with trans-formative options for distressed loans and real properties.

» Owner Representation Services

  • In addition to our core Receivership, Brokerage and Management services, Catapult works closely with both not-for-profit and market rate developers to provide guidance has an impressive record of success in providing owners representation services to a wide variety of clients including or both Market Rate and Not-for-Profit developments. As the Owner’s Representative, Catapult Realty, prides itself on its ability to oversee the process and project to ensure that the Owner’s goals and interests are met.

  • Owners do not always have the necessary experience or the human resources needed to manage a development or construction project. In those instances Catapult acts as an extension of our clients’ organization to protect their interests and bring their ideas to realization. Catapult takes this as an owner’s representative very seriously, working with the clients to plan, budget as well as set responsibilities, parameters and expectations.

  • Having successfully developed high-rises to single family homes has provided our company with wide-ranging expertise in development, construction financing, brokerage and law. This unmatched experience allows us to offer services that are essential to guide a client through the entire development and construction process.

    • • Feasibility Studies and Budgeting
    • • Design Management & Architect Selection
    • • Bidding and Contractor Selection
    • • Budgeting and Cost Management
    • • Value Engineering and Risk Management
    • • Scheduling and Programing
    • • Zoning and Entitlements
    • • Historic Tax Credit oversight and management

» Resolution Services

  • Receivership

    As an independent third party Catapult acts responsibly to operate properties when appointed by the court in various legal actions. We perform the role of an owner by managing the property, collecting income, settling operating expenses and other functions set by the Court.

  • Stabilization

    When a property is under-performing finding stability is key. Catapult develops property performance plans as a roadmap for properties facing leasing, sales, operating, physical, legal and financial challenges. We also execute on these plans to deliver immediate results.

  • Disposition

    Achieving a maximum disposition value in the minimum period possible can be an elusive goal. We utilize our deep network of buyers, brokers and market partners to consummate efficient transactions on equity interests and prioritized secured-debt, to achieve optimal values in goal-focused marketing cycles.

» Real Estate Advisory

  • Analysis

    In order to make vital decisions on today’s real estate issues, one needs to have a clear perspective. We provide that perspective through diverse analyses in areas of liquidity, marketability, pricing, absorption, debt performance, valuation and other real estate fundamentals.

  • Property Evaluation

    Catapult’s Property Evaluation service provides a comprehensive review of 13-criticial characteristics of an asset. Review of these characterics include data point analysis for sufficient reasoning on buy, hold or sell and similar decision processes.

  • Business Planning

    Frequently, a property’s value is intertwined with its business operation such as apartment leasing, condominium sales or hotel operation. The members of Catapult are seasoned property operators that can provide critical business planning functions to protect and enhance property valuations.

» Asset Management

  • Value Enhancement

    While every situation is unique, Catapult’s principal goal is to enhance the value of every asset we manage. This is achieved through use of our multi-disciplinary real estate experience in finance, legal, management, marketing and construction issues.

  • Property Management

    Maintianing a property’s physical integrity protects value. Our relationships with affiliated entities provide day-to-day property management services on over 4 million square feet of both commercial and residential real estate.

  • Marketing

    A assets’s reputation can tangibly affect its financial performance. We maintain a property’s reputation through marketing, public relations and value-focused positioning in both the professional and consumer sectors. Conveying a property’s value through effective communication is paramount.

The Catapult Realty Strategy

  • Evaluate each assignment with an independent view.
  • Develop custom solutions for every project.
  • Conduct thorough baseline analyses.
  • Examine existing conditions and formulate resolution plans.
  • Provide real world recommendations.
  • Act as a client's advocate.
  • Stabilize assets and reverse equity erosion.
  • Provide cost-effective scope options.
  • Add value to every single assignment.

Company News

Downtown Milwaukee Office Building along Streetcar Line to be Converted to 73 Apartments

Underwriters Exchange Building

A historic downtown Milwaukee office building will be converted into around 70 apartments and will be renamed to take advantage of its location along the city's new streetcar line.

Stony Island Arts Bank Opens

Stony Island Arts Bank

Catapult is proud to announce the opening of the Stony Island Arts Bank, for which Paul Dincin served as Owners Representative and Development Manager.

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